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Just got through the Marvel Zombies Return section of the omnibus, and the scene where Sandman kills Earth Z spider-man out of fear made me WAAAAYYY uncomfortable. Pretty uncalled for, even for a book about zombies.

That part was one of the times that shows that some of Spider-Man’s enemies have a kind of unspoken respect for him. This also gets touched upon heavily in one of the main story arcs of Superior Spider-Man Team Up from last year. I was pretty disturbed by it as well but that was honestly a better fate than having to try to survive in that world with the zombie virus spreading. Especially since that Spider-Man was apparently still rather young.

But hey, at least Sandman made up for it a bit by playing a huge part in the end of Marvel Zombies Return. Although I would’ve liked to see his reaction when he found out that the Spider-Man he killed wasn’t the one he saw kill the other villains.

Yeah, Zombie Spider-man was pretty badass when it turned out that he masterminded the destruction of nearly all the zombies in order to end the plague for good. Then again, I always like it when writers suddenly remember that Peter actually has some brains and uses them to solve huge problems.

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