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ONE NIGHT ONLY - August 30th/Labor Day Weekend - Attack on Titan Marathon


The schedule will be back to normal the next week, but for August 30th - Labor Day Weekend - we’re having an Attack on Titan Marathon, and we’re kicking it off with a brand new Space Dandy. Get (mostly) caught up on Attack on Titan, if you’re behind. Relive the glory if you’re not!

Full schedule below.

11:30p - World Premiere Space Dandy

12:00a - Attack on Titan 01

12:30a - Attack on Titan 02

01:00a - Attack on Titan 03

01:30a - Attack on Titan 04

02:00a - Attack on Titan 05

02:30a - Attack on Titan 06

03:00a - Attack on Titan 07

03:30a - Attack on Titan 08

04:00a - Attack on Titan 09

04:30a - Attack on Titan 10

05:00a - Attack on Titan 11

05:30a - Attack on Titan 12

Clearly Space Dandy was the REAL winner here. Despite the marathon, it was still able to squeeze itself in the schedule AND it got to air first. Even an entire Attack on Titan marathon was still not enough to get rid of the Dandy, baby!

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